by joetwo

Ping! I was alerted by a noise coming through my headphones, I suspected who it might be. The Facebook tab at the bottom of my screen said a name, but I already suspected who it was, Sean, one of the other guys in my group, one who had not yet been banished from the main office over to virtual exile in the Naugthon Institute while they were writing their thesis.  “Hi Joe!” the message said “What you doing?”

I looked at the open tabs on my computer screen. I was post submission, pre viva. But that did not mean that I was free and easy. Alexi, my supervisor wanted to meet with me in three days about writing papers. That really meant that he wanted to see drafts of what I had written.

I had some of it written, I swear, the draft was open on my desktop. It was just that after three months of writing I couldn’t really find the motivation to write more on A High Throughput method for the production of Bi-Metallic nanoparticles with a small size distribution. For that reason I also had my E-mail open, Facebook, a draft of the latest poem for my Blog and a Wikipedia article on Piracy on the South Seas, circa 1800. Looking at all that I had to reply “Nothin!”

Sean continued, “We’ve got a newbie here” That wasn’t something particularly surprising, new students and post docs were always showing up. “This one knows you Joe! :-)” Sean went on. That interested me “Who is it?” Sean’s reply was almost instant “Her name is Aurielé”

That name brought back a flood of memories, Aurielé was a project student some two years previously. I wasn’t in charge of her but we spent a lot of time together, often just talking while we waited for the instruments to take their readings. She was a little cutie but I thought there was nothing going on between us. Imagine my surprise when we held a going away party for her and the rest of the students that summer. She cornered me near the end, while the drinks where flowing and told me that she fancied the pants off me and had cherished the time she spent with me. She promised that she would be back and with the one kiss, was gone. I hadn’t heard a word from her since that night and had almost forgotten about her.

Sean was still typing, “She said she used to be an undergrad here. Must have been before my time. You seem to have made an impression. She looked like she was going to cry when we told her that Willy had taken your desk. She says Hi by the way!”

I responded with “Say Hi back” which was followed by “I’m going to go over to Di Napoli. I think we’re all going to go. So Joe, Wanna get a coffee?”

I didn’t really have to think about it, the woman had fulfilled a promise she had made all that time ago. It would be heartbreaking, rude even to ignore her now. So I typed in the one word, “Yep!” Locked my computer and got up to leave. Wondering what the future had in store.