Picture it and write: A job to do

by joetwo

Hello here is my offering for this picture it and write from ermilia’s blog, here. The picture is not mine, but I use it for inspiration. Anyway enjoy!

A job to do

The great billowing clouds of smoke had almost completely obscured the bridge. It softened the light from the flames, making it seem more diffuse, as if it was coming from all around. But you could still tell where the fire was, from the slight heat coming from the town, and the noise, the roar of the flames, the crash of glass and mortar, and the screams.

Michael stood on the bridge, fingering his police issue revolver, fixing his cap. He knew what was coming but he had to steel himself, he had a job to do.

Through the haze across the bridge he could barely make out some movement, shadows in the murk. The shadows turning into figures and then into people, four people, a family most likely, two adults and two children. The somehow achieved the impossible, both seeming to rush across the bridge and move at a snail’s pace. Further shadows behind showed that there was many more following.

Michael had to act. He took his megaphone, turned it on, tested it with a “Testing” and spoke to the people on the bridge “People! I’m sorry, you can’t cross this bridge. This bridge is reserved for the use of emergency services!”

The figures moving stopped and seemed to be trying to shout something, Michael continued “Under the emergency plan for the city, this bridge is reserved for the use of the emergency services, there is nothing for you on the other side. If you continue along Main street to the next bridge you will find an emergency aid station and further assistance. I’m sorry but I cannot let you cross or remain on this bridge.”

There was more muffled pleading from the figure, more people gathering around them. Michael had to be firm “Again, I’m sorry, I’m only doing my job! But if you do not move I will have to move you by force!”

With that the crowd slowly  moved back. Michael redid the fasten on his holster and breathed a sign of relief. It was tough here on the bridge, he had to redirect people six times already, but he had a job to do, and he was doing it.

With that, the small radio on Michael’s chest made a crackle “Dispatch! Car six. I’m getting reports that a uniform on the I-5 bridge is directing civilians back onto Main street. I’m going to check it out!”

Michael sighed a little, it was time to go. He took off his cap and threw it over the railings into the water. Putting over the mac coat he was wearing to hide his badge. Michael rapidly shuffled down some step over the side of the bridge into a small lot. There he got into his van and quickly started it up.

He was a little nervous driving out onto the still deserted road, not surprising considering the back was still half-filled with highly flammable accelerants. He had a lot of driving to do to get to the next target but he didn’t worry too much about it. Michael had a job to do, and he was going to do it.