Listen and Write: Wavering

by joetwo

Hello everybody! This is my offering for this months listen and write from Ermilia’s blog, here. The song today is Hot N Cold by Katy Perry. This is my take on it. Enjoy.


I suppose that from the very moment I met her, I have had a wavering relation with Juliet. That is not to say I didn’t love her. I adored her, I worshipped her, I obsessed over her, for a time. It was remarkable how quickly I could change from besotted to serious doubting, to questioning where I was going, who I wanted to end up with, whether she was the one.

That was the way we lived for nearly four years. One day she would be the most important thing in my life and the next I would be trying to make up excuses to avoid her. I would be a fool to think that she did not feel fed up with me. The worst of all was when I asked her to an expensive restaurant one Valentine’s day, seeming nervous while other men asked their loves to marry them and the I took Juliet’s hand and said… That I was going hiking in South America for three months. She hit me over that one, a foot square in the nuts, can’t say I didn’t deserve it. That seemed the way our life was turning. Constantly moving, but going nowhere.

So I decided to take the initiative. To marry the woman who has given.. from whom I have taken so much and before you ask, no I am not in one of my mad obsessive phases again. I’m if anything still doubting a little, but only a little. I know that she will be happy and that it would be good for me to have her. Beside! I know that in a few more months, the tides of  my heart will change, my passions will swell again and I will be married to the love of my life. Talk about convenience!