Picture it and write: Left Behind

by joetwo

Hello! Here is my offering for this weeks picture it and write available here. Once again, the picture is not mine, I just use it for inspiration. Anyway, enjoy!

Left Behind:

Sam watched as the young man lifted the last of the boxes, his youthful body making little work of the heavy contents, and carefully walked out of the door. He was thorough, you could give him that, he had made sure to ask Sam several times if that was everything, just in case she had forgotten anything. But she was positive, every left here would be there by design, no longer necessary, far too large for the new apartment, too painful to keep.

As the man carried the box down to the elevator Sam took the time to make one last walk around the old place. The walls,  strangely, looked almost exactly the same as they did when they had moved in four decades previously, the crumbling walls almost eternal in their decay, as if the accrued coating of post-its and school drawings somehow preserved it.

She found that everything she looked at was filled with memories. There was the wrought iron bed, where she and Tom had first made love as husband and wife. The solid oak kitchen table, where you were more likely to find a pile of unfinished manuscripts, rather than the dinner. Broken toys, empty chests, the callously discarded detritus of a life now moving on.

As she walked back to the door, she saw a glare coming from the far wall of the living room. It was the grand mirror, far too large to fit in the new place, lowered to the floor to aid the removal of some other artworks. It was antique, probably valuable. But Sam had no need of money, let the new tenants deal with it.

The look of it, the way it was standing there, somehow opened up the vaults of her memory. She was suddenly back, some thirty-two years earlier, looking at the newly purchased mirror lying there, waiting to be lifted into position.

Sally, she must have been only five at the time, was fascinated. She kept on running past it, holding something different and then screaming in delight as her Doppelganger had done the same. She then started dancing, spending a good three hours swaying with her mirror twin before collapsing on the floor in a fit of giggles. Sam could not recall ever seeing her happier, either before, or definitely, since.

Smiling to remember that one, of so many moments, Sam then took out her keys, removed the door key from the ring, and placed it on the old table by the door. She then stepped out over the threshold paused for a moment, as if to say something but in the end failing and closed the door behind her.