Picture it and write, The crossing

by joetwo

Hello, this is my weeks contribution to picture it and write on ermilias blog here. The picture isn’t mine I just use it for inspiration. Anyway enjoy.

The crossing

Janis went to the stern where Bill, her cousin, had staked out a spot to watch the wake of the ship. He had talked about how the propellers of the ship made all of the little algae and creatures light up as they are churned so that you could see a trail of ghostly light. The sun had yet to set but he was firmly placed content to wait. “You don’t see things like this every day Jan” He explained “You should have more patience”

Patience was one thing Janis had in short supply. She had used up all she had left and it had ended up on the night boat. It was hard to believe that Bill could be taking this so stoically, especially considering that she had just told him that morning. Still he didn’t quite act the same, hints that he was taking it harder than he let on. Acting coolly, for her sake.

Remembering all the times that her cousin had been there for her, Janis put her arm around Bills neck. He held her hand tenderly. “It’s going to be alright Jan. We’ll be there and back before anyone knows.” “I know!” Janis said back “I’m just a little nervous”

As if on cue a man burst out of the door behind them threw his head over the edge of the stern and started to throw up. Janis looked away from that display and into her cousins eyes. They sat there quietly as the man finished and green-faced staggered back in through the door. When the door slammed shut, they both started to laugh uncontrollably. The tension between them evaporating in a series of giggles. “He must have eaten one of those dodgy sandwiches from the canteen” said Bill, after he had caught his breath leading to them both convulsing in laughter again.

Their eyes were still glistening with laughter tears when Bill said to Janis “Jan, I’m glad you trusted me with this. I couldn’t bear the thought of you going through this alone.” Janis looked out over the increasingly dark water “I know Billy. But I have to do this. Thank you for understanding”

Bill grabbed Janis’ shoulder and turned her back to face him “You know Jan, I know some lads from the club, hard men. If you were just to give me that bastards name…” But Janis placed her hand over Bill’s mouth “I’ve told you already not to do anything like that. There will be enough hurt after this is done for you be adding to it.” She then turned back to face the sea “Besides what if they find out back home?” Bill nodded, sadly, in agreement “Still you know what that fucker is worth now, don’t you?” and then put his arm over Janis’ shoulder. Instinctively, she moved in closer to Bill, her arms lightly touching her belly, and together they stood, looking over the boiling water beneath them.