Picture it and write: Cleansing

by joetwo

He everybody! This is my contribution for this weeks Picture it and write from Ermilias blog, here. The picture is not mine, I use it for inspiration. Anyway, Enjoy


Julia had read that book over and over again so many times the ink was starting to come off on her fingers. She had thrown herself into that old, cheap bible weeks ago but the answers seemed infuriatingly out of reach. Sin was rife in the world it told her and none was more sinful it seemed than her. It was a horrific conclusion to reach, she knew that, but each reading enforced the view. The many nights she spent studying were starting to take their toll, slipping school work, errors in the chores. Not enough to cause trouble yet, but it was only a matter of time. She had could only think of one way to act and she had to act soon.

She picked a clear morning just after sunrise to sneak away from the house, with only a frail nightshirt to protect her. Crossing the abandoned train tracks and the still deserted road, she came to the muddy bank of the river. It wasn’t too deep and certainly far too sluggish to be dangerous, it was perfect.

She waded out until the water was waist-height. It was still chilly this early in the year and the sharp pangs from when the water touched her made her jolt. That was all right though, the pain reminded her why she was here.

Opening the dog-eared bible to the part she wanted, she asked God for forgiveness. She asked him to forgive her young years, to forgive her ignorance, to forgive her sinful body, to forgive her failings as a daughter. She pledged herself to him, as a daughter, as a servant, as a believer. She then placed the book carefully on the surface of the water, it’s cheap, light weight kept it from sinking but she couldn’t let it stay there long. That didn’t matter, she would only be a moment.

Lifting her hands into the air he tripped her self backward into the water. The cold water covered her whole body, its icy fingers shocking her. Her splashed to re-right herself, grinning from ear-to-ear. Finally standing again in the shallow water. She located the bible, still floating on the water. Taking it up and cradling it she inspected the old volume. It was a little damp, but was still legible.

Coming back out of the water gave her little difficulty, she was so buoyed by what she had done. Her nightdress was ruined, it was covered in muddy water. From between her legs, there was a small speckle of red, perhaps the thrashing in the water had reopened some of the damage from last night?

She didn’t care about that any more, Julia had been cleansed. She had made her peace with God and had gotten his forgiveness. He was her father now and she had nothing to worry about. He would never do that kind of thing to her, not a chance, not ever.