Listen and write: Be Brave

by joetwo

Hello there! In view of the phenomenally successful Picture it and write Ermilia’s blog have decided to try a listen and write contest this week. Today’s song is Big Girls don’t cry by Fergie which I have used as inspiration for this. Enjoy!

Be Brave

“Big boys don’t cry” That is what Billy’s Papa had always told him “You have to be brave to be a man” So there he was, the world now on his shoulders, his mind filled with the shock of what had just happened. Somehow he kept the tears back. His Papa wouldn’t have wanted him to show weakness, not now.

The house was filled with people, all in black. Some looked at him, sad expressions on their faces yet unwilling to engage him in conversation as if they couldn’t. His uncle John, placed a hand on Billy’s shoulder, asked him “how are you holding up, sport?” But before Billy could reply he asked “Have you seen your mother?” Billy hadn’t, but he could guess where she would be.

Billy shuffled from the kitchen, past the quietly speaking people, past the delicately laid out food, his small size, and the awkwardness of the visitors making him invisible. He went upstairs, pausing at his parent’s room. He could hear mild sobs coming from behind the door. Quietly opening the door, he could see Momma, lying on the bed, a pile of Papa’s old clothes strewn over the bed, crumpled up by her hands, wet patches from the tears. She lifted her head to look at Billy, her eyes puffy and red. “Sweetie” she asked “What are you doing up here?”

Billy ran to his mother, was taken up into her arms “It’s ok! Momma!” he said “You just have to be brave. Like Papa  said” Momma pulled back a little to look into Billy’s eyes “He used to always say that, didn’t he?” She pulled him even tighter, he was almost going to cry, but he held it in, he had to be Brave, his Momma needed him to be, from here on in, he was the man of the h0use.