Picture it and write: They Said

by joetwo

This is this weeks offering for the picture it and write competition on ermilia’s blog here. Let me be clear, the picture isn’t mine it is just for inspiration. Anyway Enjoy

They Said

They said she could go anywhere. With her looks, her smarts, her bubbly personality, the world was to be her oyster. There was nothing she couldn’t do and the world had need to take note.

They said that young Clive was a great match for her. Young, handsome, the captain of the team, he could have the pick of the town. But he chose her. They were guaranteed happiness.

They said that Clive took growing up hard, that real life doesn’t keep the scores of school. He couldn’t cope with the loss of all that promise. But he probably didn’t feel the bullet go in.

They said that she would hit the ground running, that a girl like her should have no problems moving on and up in the world. That it was normal to grieve for a little bit.

They said that she never really recovered after Clive, that her mind couldn’t cope with the strain. Her house, the home they shared, left to rot in a grisly lesson in decay.

They said nobody knew when she died, someone only growing suspicious at the growing pile of post beside the door. No one knows if the gas was on deliberately or if it was just an accident. She saw no one, so no one knew her mind.

They don’t say much about her anymore. They talk about the house, old and decaying, an eyesore that should be torn down to make  way for the new. What matters it of old stories and life histories, it is time to get over it and move on.