Picture it and write: The Offering

by joetwo

This my offering for this weeks picture it and write competition on Ermilia’s blog here . Again, standard rules, the picture isn’t mine I am just writing a short piece based on it. Enjoy

The Offering.

She had drawn the short straw, it was her turn to go into the mountains. Her friends and family had feasted and toasted to her success but they had left her at the start of the forest. It was only her now, she had to do this, alone. Her red dress, filled with symbolism and her basket, weighed down, swayed as she moved nervously through the trail. Up higher into the mountain, into their domain.

The forest got darker and the air more foreboding as the trail wound through the tall trees. Every now and then she could see movement in the trees, just beyond the limits of her vision, she was being watched.

As if from nowhere there it was, right in front of her, a giant wolf. It’s massive paws threading the ground, as if in waiting. It eyes, deep yellow, looking straight into hers. It knew why she was here. She steeled herself and said the words that she had been taught. She then reached into the basket and removed a lump covered in red-streaked paper, opening it to reveal the bloody, still warm, lambs liver. The wolf started to salivate as she approached, speaking the words and holding the liver in her outstretched hand. She wanted to drop it and run, but that was not how things worked. Her hand reached right to the wolf’s muzzle and it gently took in its jaws. She gingerly took her hand back and the piece of flesh disappeared into the beast’s mouth without so much as a chew. She then finished the words and the wolf responded with a howl. It was finished.

She turned to pick up the now empty basket and looked back to find the trail again empty. Her heart was still beating furiously as she set back down the trail, to the village and to her family to tell them the news. That the offering had been accepted, that they were safe again, for a while.