Picture it and write: The Shot

by joetwo

Another piece for Ermilia’s Picture it and write competition from here . The piece is based on the picture and let me be clear, the picture is from Ermilia’s blog and I had nothing to do with its production. Anyway enjoy.

The Shot:

She could feel the cold travelling through her feet and up her legs. The coat, the hat were useless against the cold but she kept on persevering. She had to get the shot. She repeatedly pressed the button in the digital camera, heard the chime and inspected the results. Each time there was a problem, a shake of the hand blurred the image, or there was a flash of light, a distortion that ruined the effect. Each time she tried again. She had to get the shot. Feet numb, she checked the display one more time to find, yes! Yes! that was it, that was perfect, the focus, the reflection, perfect! She stomped her aching feet to get the circulation running again. The shuffled back inside, to the heat. To upload the photo, and to send it on.

To send it to the source of the bauble, so very far away, where the snow never falls, but never out of her thoughts.