Picture and write: Empty

by joetwo

Note to reader: This is my contribution to the picture and write on Ermilia’s blog shown here http://ermiliablog.wordpress.com/2012/01/08/__picture-it-write-13/


He looked at his hand, it must have been only a minute, but it felt like hours. It just floated there, empty, as if separate from his body. He turned his face back to the sky, to try to ignore the sea water that surrounded him, to try to forget. The end was going to come regardless, there was nothing he could do. Thirst filled his throat, the salt spray burned his eyes. His hand felt so empty.

He understood why she did it, he thought he did. Her weight was going to drag him down as well. If she was to let go, maybe, just maybe he would have a chance, just that little more time to get rescued. Why did she do that?

He had told her, again and again, to told on to his hand. As the boat went down, as the others drifted off. As the hot sun came and went, she was to hold on, he would never let her go. But he had, was he asleep at the time, or just delirious, he did not know. But now she was gone, he didn’t have the energy to raise his head, to see if she was still around.

His hand felt so empty, why did she let go? Why did she leave him to die, alone.