The Magic of Christmas

by joetwo

It has been said that at the first Christmas, when Jesus was born, the animals in the manger and for miles around developed the ability to talk. I am not going to talk about that per say, except to mention that this sounds like something that the magic of Christmas was liable to do.

You see, on that first Christmas, that first night, magic came into the world and from then on, every year on Christmas night the magic of Christmas reappears and wondrous things happen. Magic though is kind of like a three-year old with a hammer, if it isn’t given something productive to do, it will do something else. Hence the talking animals, very confusing to people working with animals at the time.

Every Christmas, the magic of Christmas would appear and work its mischief around the world. On one occasion, the people of an entire kingdom were changed a lovely shade of purple. In another, half the gold reserves of a wealthy sheik were  teleported from his palace to a goat herders village in outer Mongolia, where they hadn’t a clue what to do with it. One time it literally rained cats and dogs on a small fishing village. Which was not very nice for the villagers, or for the cats and dogs.

Many years later, there was a long and brutal war between two kingdoms. Their armies had been fighting all day on Christmas Eve and they were preparing to keep going through the night. As the sun set, the magic of Christmas came into being and flew over the battlefield. It could see the dead and injured and hear the prayers of the young men waiting for the officers to order them into battle and possible death.

The magic of Christmas was not well-known for its knowledge of good and evil, but it knew that this was wrong. It was going to do something. It got into the head of one of the generals and made him walk into no-man’s land with a flag of truce. It then got into the head of the general on the other side and stopped him from ordering the first general killed, instead going out to meet him.

When the two met the first general said “While I have every confidence in our victory over you fools, I wish my men to rest tonight. Do I have your agreement not to attack tonight?”

The second general replied “While you are mistaken that you have any chance of beating my army, your idea is sound. I believe a rest tonight will be beneficial. If you keep to your word and do not attack tonight, my army will not move tonight.”

Both generals shook on their agreement then returned to their camps, first ordering their armies to stand down, then for great feasts to be prepared. For that night in both camps their was eating and drinking and making of music. The magic of Christmas helped each of the soldiers to forget the horrors of fighting and think instead of home and the joys of peace. And on the watchtowers, the soldiers keeping guard could hear the music and laughter coming from the enemy camps and they realised that the enemy was not so different from them and that in a different place they may have even have been friends. For that night, peace and joy filled the desolate field.

Of course the next day, the magic of Christmas had gone and the bloody war continued. But from that Christmas on, the magic of Christmas had changed, it now had purpose, it had a mission and it fulfilled its mission with a determination that takes it every Christmas to every corner of the Earth.

So every Christmas night the magic of Christmas comes into the world, gets into the hearts of men and the world is filled with peace.